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Open in a separate window. Nerve growth factor- and neurotrophinreleasing guidance channels promote regeneration of the transected rat dorsal root. The array was used for simultaneous optical stimulation and extracellular recording. Eye Brain 8 , 15— Molecular functionalization of carbon nanotubes and use as substrates for neuronal growth. From a safety perspective, the surgical risks associated with the implantation of the electrodes are considerably lower compared to other visual neurostimulators Weiland et al. Spontaneous activity waves were recorded and stimulation was achieved with a threshold of 4 nC.

Engineered self-organization of neural networks using carbon nanotube clusters , Phys. Introduction The number of blind people in the world is currently around 30 million Stevens et al. The formation of new non-excitable tissue around the implant creates the need of increasing the charge transfer to stimulate remaining neurons. Carbon nanotubes in neural interfacing applications.

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Photoactive quantum dots based interfaces An alternative approach to electrical stimulation is optical activation of retinal neurons through photoactive interfaces offering a new rout for wire-free, self-powering autonomous retinal prostheses. Polyaniline nanofiber-reinforced conducting hydrogel with unique pH-sensitivity. Nanodiamonds were also recently proposed as neuroelectrode material Hadjinicolaou et al. The application of CP coatings to vision prosthesis devices may facilitate the development of arrays with smaller, more densely packed electrodes enabling improved device selectivity and resolution. Conductive core-sheath nanofibers and their potential application in neural tissue engineering. Matrices with compliance comparable to that of brain tissue select neuronal over glial growth in mixed cortical cultures. NCD becomes electrically conductive providing it is doped with nitrogen or trimethyl boron Garrett et al.