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These data included context data such as the road network for Australia and population locations, to detailed data on the location of ambulance stations, hospitals, cardiac units etc. Randomised intervention trial of unstable angina, Lancet vol. When retrieval flight distances are extended beyond this range, fixed-wing aircraft become a more realistic and viable option. This was done on a state-by-state division cross referencing the information for each hospital using internal HF data, and external sources government agencies, cardiology networks, hospital websites , as well as phone calls to many individual hospitals. There were a number of group discussions, and input from various members of the expert panel on a one to one basis , during the model development and testing period of the project. Methods Consensus methods were used by an expert panel to define the context of the project, a cardiac event and a master list of services and resources based on key guidelines for the management of a patient along a single pathway from community to medical care and back to the community. There is a range where helicopter and fixed-wing transports commonly overlap. In the absence of these data, time at scene was based on the professional times for South Australia, 15 minutes in Metropolitan areas defined here as the eight capital cities plus the other ARIA A cities - Gold Coast, Newcastle and Canberra-Queanbeyan and 19 minutes in other areas Table

Tests must be available to the doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a rapid turn-around-time. JPM Media Pty Ltd has set the path to achieve its vision by establishing an executive management team, with significant experience in the directory advertising business and industry expertise. The Peer Group classification does not apply to private hospitals. The Cardiac ARIA index can be used to help benchmark cardiovascular health service delivery against service requirements, or systems may be in place but not fuctioning synchronistically. The methods for the project have been structured around the objectives.

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Travel time to scene is the time interval between the closest ambulance being dispatched and arriving at the scene. The online database was manually cross-checked with each record, an extensive web-based search was undertaken to extract extra information from each State and Territory Health Department and the various Health Regions. Randomised intervention trial of unstable angina, Lancet vol.