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The same company now also does Hummus Tahini in cans — ready-to-eat and with no preservatives. In March the health-food trade held its major international exhibition — Helfex — at the National Exhibition Centre near Birmingham, and yours truly was there as one of the representatives of the Vegan Society. Consumer Pressure After reading your interesting article 'Holiday Directions' in the Spring '88 issue ofThe Vegan, I am writing to share with you a recent experience on a package holiday to Crete. Politely — but not apologetically nobody should have to apologise for seeking to follow a way of life that causes less suffering ; forcefully if necessary — but not aggressively. Big nice tits Teesdale 6213 wa We wholeheartedly support his stance, which coincides with the way we have always felt about the use of honey since going vegan. I, for one, would like to see a world where all the food was vegan. But a problem with most Indian vegetarian restaurants is that you can't always be sure which dishes are vegan and when you ask the waiters don't seem to know what the term means. Luxury accommodation, gourmet vegetarian and vegan cuisine in the Snowdonia National Park.

An informal quarterly with articles, interviews, news, reviews, letters, cartoon strip. The author then traces the links between vegetarianism and Third World hunger, vivisection, the environment, alternative medicine, clothing, animals in entertainment, pets, cosmetics and household products, and concludes with a vegetarian shopper's guide.

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But older vegans are a testament and will us Y The Vegan, Summer J on in the face of those who, still clinging to worn-out prejudice, seek to mislead and misinform. I hope that it will be the first of many. Groups and individuals are urged to keep this date free for anti-angling activities. Starts at 7 p. Woodville Gardens, Adelaide Unsigned letters will not be published. In pathetic attempts to prevent the subject being aired, once-vociferous fur trade apologists are now even refusing to contribute to radio and television discussions.