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Frequency distribution of mound clusters Types of stone material found at Berangerine Input has been allowed into some of the on-farm water storages in the region and other small-scale infrastructure associated with feedlots, irrigation systems etc. The advertisement proved to be successful. The distribution of sites by soil type compared to the percent occurrence of soils in the study area indicates both the nature of site distribution and potential bias in observation. In human terms, the change may have been perceived as relatively gradual, since some stream courses would have been episodically reactivated, and others would have remained active during the succession of modern streams. Some of the patterns are obvious and well known; but exactly how close to water might we expect to find sites, and what kind of visible evidence might we expect to see? The following quotes refer to Wemba Wemba, Barababaraba and Yota Yota groups resident to the south and southeast of the study area. Data are in Appendix 2 and file:

Scale of predictor variables. This map will prove valuable as a completely public document containing no confidential sites information. Australian Museum collection, E In another Biblical example, the fact that there is no physical evidence of post-holes at Golgotha, the hill of the skull where Jesus was crucified, does not mean that the hill itself has no religious significance. On one … the ashes of a hut appeared over the grave.

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This distinguishes between the two main soil types. The fish were steamed in fact and looked appetising. These distinctions are valid in that we use different methods to investigate and describe that heritage. Between the Goulburn and the Delangen rivers Sturt observed burial places on every hill, three of which extended upwards of fifty graves, perforated in every direction by ants. Eh, I shall go now, and I shall get to the place where my own people are, I shall return among my own people, among my uncles and elder brothers, among my younger brothers and sisters and my cousins. To give their fish diet a relish the natives ate it with pig face which grew abundantly on every plain until eaten out by sheep, and I can testify to the toothsomeness of fish cooked in a native oven and eaten with young pig-face, for I have partaken of some. Lunettes also aid in the preservation of cultural deposits and so have been the object of considerable investigation. Others say that the Bookoomuri effected the transformation themselves, and that as animals they felt an interest in the new race that succeeded them, and imparted to it much valuable knowledge.