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Further observations on the fine structure of some invertebrate eyes. Xenopsin has been shown to be strongly expressed in eye PRCs of purely ciliary organization brachiopod larvae and we find it in cells bearing microvilli and cilia and expressing transporters known to be involved in cililary opsin trafficking see below. If yes, this should be documented. Senior dating Douglas point 5601 sa From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Variable light environments induce plastic spectral tuning by regional opsin coexpression in the African cichlid fish, Metriaclima zebra. In contrast to this, the earlier described Las-r-opsin exhibits an HPK motif, which is specific for the r-opsin group. Open in a separate window. And such an assumption would require major rearrangements of the tree topology and thus is regarded as a very unlikely scenario. Adding to this, the intron analysis does not support a link between cnidopsin and colopsin.

However, the observed cellular co-expression of r-opsin and xenopsin in cells bearing microvilli and cilia now suggests that vestigial cilia in microvillar PRCs may indeed also go back to cilia with sensory functions. The latter matches the NKQ motif, which is characteristic for c-opsins but is also present in some sequences of the recently described group of xenopsins Ramirez et al. Development and differentiation of the eye inPlatynereis dumerilii Annelida, Polychaeta Journal of Morphology. General Physiology of Cell Specialization. The situation is more ambiguous in nemerteans.

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Distribution of PRC types and eye PRC organization in Bilateria is largely the result of lineage-specific loss of either xenopsin or c-opsin. The low yield of opsin sequences may reflect the real situation or may be due to low sequencing coverage or the tissue samples taken. Progress in Retinal and Eye Research. Figure 1—figure supplement 1. Thus, we were interested, whether xenopsins are also recovered by Bayesian inference. It has been suggested that the fly and vertebrate photoreceptor cells represent clearly distinct evolutionary lineages of cells, which diverged early in animal evolution. Accidents and incidents involving airliners Airline-related lists Lists of aviation accidents and incidents Aviation accidents and incidents by year Aviation-related lists.