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To begin a session there is so much prep work. They are a little worn and tired but I could see the hidden gems. Sugar mama hook up Norwin 4356 qld It is an old ETA table margarine with vitamins box. So I take this as a privilege and hold it very a high level of respect. And how can I not go past using the seasons best berries with some gorgeous cream. It was so much fun to create an art piece. The berries were so juicy and bursting with flavour and yes I did eat the props as my daughter was not up yet to eat it for me. As you can see from the photos below I had fun creating a range of surfaces to hopefully support many future shoots.

I had plenty of oranges and I wanted to shoot on a new plate that I had bought a little while ago but not used as yet. Each of these young ladies were all different in character and wanted different themes which is great. We are constantly putting up a face in life. I found this recipe in the Marie Clare edition. I thought it added to the rusticness. They proudly told me they were having their photos taken today and were quite excited. This is an image I would find appealing after a workout or a day in the garden.

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We are constantly putting up a face in life. We used a range of light modifiers on our strobes to play and craft the light. Kids always love bubbles. Hmmm that was where I went wrong. Action stations and moments to capture left right center up down and everywhere.