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But rectifying that is this pair. The Stalin-endorsed beer is tagged as a coffee and chicory porter, but has a wee bit more besides, with a touch of rye malt in the grist. The Black Lung is a peated, barrel-aged imperial stout that has appeared in a different form each year for six years now. Sugar daddy bio Abbotsford 3067 vic Or have the Moon Doggers done something particularly out there for this one - perhaps swimming in the mash tun again? For a start, it's nine per cent. Moon Dog Marmajuke Tapped December 8th, Thursday regulars at Moon Dog's brewery bar, or indeed their Facebook followers, will be aware that each week the crazy kids like to unleash a new single keg experiment on one of their taps. As for the inspiration, it turns out that during the late 70s there was a coffee crisis in East Germany so a replacement… Read more.

In the centre of the label, surrounded by said mullet and where McGuyver's head would be is an open guava that makes it look like the enduringly popular TV star has had his face cloven in two with an axe. Moon Dog Beer Can Tapped November 29th, As their senor brewer said with typical self awareness when posting a photo online to reveal Moon Dog's first canned beer: It miraculously disappeared one AFL Grand Final Day with nobody in attendance able to recall what could have happened to it.