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A former valley leading to Mammoth Creek blocked by basalts from Miller Knoll right skyline became a lake that eventually cut an outlet northward through the Brian Head formation upper left. Single cougars Meadows 5201 sa Sunset Cliffs, Tertiary background , dissected alluvial fans tributary to Sevier right middle , gravels drained by Parunuweap foreground , Parunuweap captures head tributaries of Sevier, Oak brush and yellow pines, Kane Co. Middle and upper Moenkopi. Some are colored postcard pictures. Gulch near the mouth of Coal Canyon, Iron Co.

Near mouth of Kitchen Canyon, Kane Co. Extreme crest, west slope. Some of these, and many others, are above the reach of present stream flow. East side of Seamans Wash, Kane Co. Views of Zion, Bryce, and Iron County.

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Aspen and Engleman spruce. Ponds and mounds produced by glaciation. Middle white, Shinarump; lower left, dark, Moenkopi; upper beds, Chinle. Bedded Coconino above Supai? Alluvial flats at head of Two Mile Wash. Lower Pueblo Colorado wash. Various views of Mt. Beaver Dam Mountains in distance. Navajo and McElmo Strata.