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So, the question begs to be asked. February 26, at So Miners Beach is now off our list of lovely beaches to play on, even when it is at our own back door. Kristy Lomax November 1, In one lady was arrested for wearing a costume that exposed her arms and feet. Your website listing live in minutes. Your website listing live in minutes. Seeing that Miners has been an unofficial nudy beach for a length of time I wonder if the boardwalk could not have been altered in its path a little for the people who do not wish to see nude bathers, but not enough consideration or thought was put into the plan. Registration is fast and simple.

February 2, at 8: Middle Panel Content Area 4. Ironically, the capital cities have grown up enough to reflect the realities of humanity, while the regional centres seem locked up in the dark ages, and yet so many of us have arrived here on a sea-change from those very liberal capitals.