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Inspired by William Shakespeare. Sometimes it is simply an image. Advertise your show on the front page of www. Influenced by several WA murder cases and reminiscent of some other cases around the world, this story of alienated and violent young women is confronting and disturbing. November 5 to December 3, More than anything, this is poetry, performed with verve by Chrissie Shaw alone. The humanity and humour of the people always came through in the songs. In our day we were called blokes or jokers — we had about five or six names for them and you knew by the one they used what sort of person they were. Both Dean Bryant , the writer, and I are big fans.

Peter Novakovich second from right with cast from Keating. Physical theatre and puppetry for families. Then it rolled around, and I was looking at all the dialogue, and it really made me unsettled. Men, Gays Dress size: By voting results in Burnside wa, popular service is Strap On from Teresa.