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Pests and Diseases 3. The question of how and what to exchange is discussed and it is recommended to exchange genes rather than genotypes. To date, six lines have been released from the 1st cycle, and others are expected to follow shortly from a programme that is now in its 4th cycle. This therefore is the collection and classification of the principal root crops over as wide an area as possible. Taro germplasm is maintained ex situ in field collections, a system that presents a number of constraints. The specific objectives were: Prepare catalogue of main taro diversity in region 5. To date, close to 4, accessions have been collected and described from five Asian and nine Pacific Island countries.

As far as science and technology for agriculture and biodiversity in the region are concerned, the Pacific region is the archetype of an island region. The indications of chromosome numbers.

3rdTaro Symposium 3rdTaro Symposium

Therefore efficient disease cleaning methods for plant material and robust test methodologies for pests and diseases need to be available. Tissue culture satisfied the requirements for safe distribution. On average, each is planting a mean of 20 cultivars and plants Table 1. As part of the TaroGen project, a pilot study was carried out for an in vitro genebank using temperature reduction to inhibit growth rate.