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SHR Criteria d [Social significance]. The construction of the new O'Connell Road c. There is rising damp in bedrooms on the north east side. John West had several male convicts listed under his household during the period the three sections of the homestead were constructed, so it is believed to be convict built. Architectural styles and periods - colonial vernacular- 9. In pre-colonial times the area now known as Bathurst was inhabited by Aboriginal people of the Wiradjuri group. In the original sulky shed collapsed now the garage area consisting of two open garages and a tool room with the kitchen roofline extended for symmetry.

A new official route was surveyed in which crossed the Fish River at O'Connell and, following the line of a similar route to the present day Bathurst-O'Connell Road, entered Bathurst via Kelso, thus requiring a crossing of the Macquarie River at the Bathurst settlement. The timber floor of the kitchen was replaced with cement in

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Bathurst then served as the commencement point for many later official expeditions, as well as for many unofficial reconnaissances by settlers and soldiers. The land with cemetery was purchased back from the Uniting Church in by the current owners of the Grange. They moved regularly in small groups but preferred the open land and used the waterways for a variety of food. Architectural styles and periods - colonial vernacular- 9. Governor Macquarie, who favoured a limited settlement of the newly discovered country west of the Blue Mountains, strictly controlled the alienation of Crown Land in the Bathurst area during his governorship between and