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But I suppose you can decide for yourself ; I'm looking to live with people who are similar, a drama free home with generally positive people who are very considerate of each other's need for a peaceful, stress-free life. I work full time at Coles head office and study in my spare time. Love pets and gardens! Some weekends I'll sit around playing video games. Webcam dating Devon meadows 3977 vic Looking for like-minded people to stay along. So, about me - I'm currently looking to share house with 1 or 2 others of a similar age to me. I like cooking, I'm very clean.

Hi everyone, I am looking for a quiet place to live. Her name is Oakey and she is a Golden Retriever Labrador cross. Able to move around Janurary but I am looking to try to move earlier.

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I'm not in any great hurry, however i'd prefer to move before the weather starts getting too hot as the house i'm currently in doesn't have air conditioning. I can do furnished or unfurnished. During the week, I like to have a set routine for work, gym, walking Gus and resting. My hobbies are playing the guitar, ukulele, dancing, drawing, painting, going out for a walk, listening to music, skateboarding, gardening, fashions, having fun conversations, Silkscreening, talking about japan For now I'm staying at my friend's apartment in Prahran, and I can move out at any time convenient for both of us. For fun I like to watch YouTube videos or go for walks, or do my nails. I work full time in lynbrook. I keep to myself, i respect others around me and respecting their privacy as well , I always like to keep my environment clean and tidy, especially a place to call home for me. I'm very reliable and will always pay all bills and rent on time.