Attracting women Devils hole 2550 nsw

Ends with a view that instead of seeing California as the xample NSW should follow England 'our mother' and seek to become self sufficient. Gold on the heights but prospectors stick to the valley close to water. Notes an 'old salt' who it is claimed can afford to spend pounds a year. Notes a petition in a local store 'G Wheale's store left by 'a trooper in full fig' petitioning the governor not to establish a court. Describes the auriferous potential of the northern reaches of the Clarence. Suggests that there may be some former English chartists may be in the antipodes. It would be interesting to see what if anything remains of these today.

Also a cryptic passage that suggests that the class has no understanding of the system f patronage that makes the contracting game work elsewhere [my interpretation] describes the role class as stupid and uses the name 'Boniface' [is this referencing a connection between church and state] and that local clergy could be used by the communities to influence better outcomes? Comments about even more encampments from an earlier time with burnt wooden posts all that remains.