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One deck support measured 1. European dating Forrest 6434 wa Taylor told us that the natives had shown it to him years before. Having only a small maritime component this Museum could not publish it however. These remains and a great deal of other artificial material attest to the area being a trap for floating debris. The presence of Aboriginal material lying close to bedrock at the base of a deflated dune needs be noted. The highest temperature was Though promptly fi shed out, the child, obviously suffering from immersion as well as the subsequent hardships, was described as being in a sickl y condition.

Further to this, local interests are encouraged to ensure that the Dimer name be also put to the Nomenclature Commitee and that Mr Dimer's notes and draft manuscript of his life in the Esperance area are retained for education and publication in due course. According to a passenger named Todd, the captain, rudely awakened, seemed to lose his head and, when asked what they had struck, said, 'God knows, we can't be within miles of the mainland',l Fortunately, the vessel floated for. All the officers and crew were saved, but it seems that when the ship first struck, some of the passengers panicked and rushed the boats, two of which were hanging from the davits. The Rodondo was a ton iron screw steamship. The officer replying was sympathetic and had a great interest in things nautical. Ship's names rarely appear in the manner described by Mr Dimer, i.