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10th September 2008

...and we're back!

30th September 2000

California Extreme! Too much to for a full list but the noteable exhibits were the working Computer Space that the owner kindly opened up so we could take a picture of the insides and coined so we could play it. As expected there was a large presence of unusual Atari vector games such as Quantum and unusual Atari raster games such as I Robot that I didn't like too much and Liberator that was an interesting sequal to Missile Command that truly rocked in sit-down form. Most of the Williams classics were there along with a nice Joust 2. Gotlieb's Reactor was one of the stranger games. Newest game on the block was probably Gauntlet Legends. The show this year was being held in conjunction with the Vintage Computer Festival that had a nice Atari Home Computer shop display and of course an Apple I. A good time was had by all but many of personal favourites were missing (Star Wars, Spy Hunter, Phoenix, Moon Cresta, Gauntlet) and the sole Galaxians was pretty much knackered. Oh, I didn't win the Zaxxon up for raffle. Still, it was good to see and play the unusual stuff...

15th July 2000

Attended the San Jose Super Auction. Didn't take a bidding number to make sure I didn't come away with something. The prices were high but there was the odd bargain to be had (had I number, I would have bid) (full results). Also had a good-ol-chin-wag with a few local collectors - Al Kossow, Aaron Giles, Bill Esquival, Jean, Mike Snider, Tim, Mitch P. - thanks guys! They couldn't fail to spot me in the Darren H. Gorfian UKVAC T-shirt :-)

22nd June 2000

Played a whole pile of classic games for the first time since leaving the UK at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, with fellow UKVAC'er Duncan Bryan. The Boardwalk had several classics in their multitude of arcades on the front, including a "Classics Corner". I played Gorf, Tron, Frogger, Galaxians, Asteroids, Joust, Q*Bert, Donkey Kong, Asteroids (several), Pac-Man, Star Wars, Track'n'Field, Firetruck (as two player - they had Night Driver as well but the arcade closed before had a chance to play it) several pins including a strange old 70's Atari Superman pinball (it was a wide beast with a slight incline making it quite slow). The Star Wars UR was working but the controller was well shagged and unplayable and the Tempest was out-of-order. In general the physical condition was pretty good but the mechanicals/electricals were poor on some of the videos and pins and the sound was turned down too low which spoilt it a little. According to the list ( there were others but the arcade closed before we had a chance to play them.

5th June 2000

I have moved from the UK to the San Francisco bay area! Everything video game related has gone into storage in the UK.